Eric Heimburg
Inventing the cure for clever

The Wonderful Icon: this is a free program designed to add many special power-user abilities to Windows. It provides hundreds of special commands which users can assign to hotkeys. This program has been around for almost a decade! It runs great on even the most limited computer. TWI receives upgrades every year or so, incorporating features requested by users.

EWin Library: this is an open-source C++ class library for creating Windows GUI applications. Designed to be a more intuitive system than Microsoft's MFC, it provides many of the same features. In use by a handful of developers who update and maintain it. Sadly, this project has never really taken off, primarily because MFC is so large and is also free. The lack of quality example programs hasn't helped any. If you want some example programs, email me!

Flash Game Ideas: a handy tool for when you need to make a new flash game, but you just don't have any ideas.