Eric Heimburg
Now you can't help but feel sorry for him

Eric's Great Flash Game Ideas

Please do not steal these ideas because I worked very hard on them. They are all copyrighted!!!!!

Just kidding.

Brilliant ideas!
  1. Guide bouncing sheep through a maze, which are hidden in a forest. The twist is that the art is all pencil drawings.
  2. Guide rows of moving space ships through a maze. Power-ups include score multipliers and magnets.
  3. Use a hammer to hit pulsing ketchup bottles, with a first-person camera perspective. Power-ups include time-stoppers and super speed.
  4. Intercept flying sticky balls with jet-packs before they sabotage flying grinning smiley faces with jet-packs, with 3D explosions.
  5. Bounce a ball at clusters of noodles.

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