Eric Heimburg
Crispy on the inside, sad lumps of flesh on the outside

Eric's Great Flash Game Ideas

Please do not steal these ideas because I worked very hard on them. They are all copyrighted!!!!!

Just kidding.

Brilliant ideas!
  1. Use a giant claw to grab multi-colored balls, with 360 degree avatar movement. Power-ups include electric fences and rampaging zebras.
  2. Throw grenades at clusters of pinball bumpers, which break into smaller pieces when hit. Power-ups include mega-lasers.
  3. Guide falling nondescript blobs with parachutes through a maze.
  4. Click on hordes of bricks while avoiding clicking on clusters of vegetables.
  5. Take photos of bouncing sheep, which are hidden in a forest. The twist is that you can cooperate with other players dynamically.

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