Eric Heimburg
Good... good! Give in to your feelings of mild distate.

Eric's Great Flash Game Ideas

Please do not steal these ideas because I worked very hard on them. They are all copyrighted!!!!!

Just kidding.

Brilliant ideas!
  1. Take photos of ketchup bottles. The twist is that all user input is inverted.
  2. Point crosshairs at falling orbs with parachutes. The twist is that the game can be played head-to-head in real time against other players.
  3. Pilot a ship past flying orbs with jet-packs, which only exist for a few seconds.
  4. Pair up flying puppies with jet-packs with multi-colored tarantulas, which pop up out of holes in the ground. The twist is that there is an integrated chat room.
  5. Juggle hordes of coiled springs into baskets, which fall from the sky if you take too long. Power-ups include rocket launchers and catapults full of ducks.

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