Eric Heimburg
Feed a cold, starve a fever, gorge a malaise, drink with bronchitis

Eric's Great Flash Game Ideas

Please do not steal these ideas because I worked very hard on them. They are all copyrighted!!!!!

Just kidding.

Brilliant ideas!
  1. Use a net to catch space ships, which break into smaller pieces when hit. The twist is that your avatar has a dark secret that is revealed at the end of the game.
  2. Juggle multi-colored pinball bumpers into baskets. The twist is that other virtual players compete against you.
  3. Pair up nondescript blobs, aliens, and babies with clusters of kittens, with deformable terrain and 3D explosions.
  4. Intercept falling beautiful women with parachutes before they sabotage pulsing bombs, with a first-person camera perspective.
  5. Use fences to contain rows of moving puppies, with no "lose condition". Power-ups include score multipliers.

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