Eric Heimburg
These one-liners are just placeholders until something clever happens

Eric was born in Florida and was raised by alligators, as all Florida children are. It is still unclear how Eric came to have access to a computer at a young age, but he did, and all he's done since is use the damn computer.

For many years he worked as a professional software engineer, creating clever simulation software for well-paying clients (the US government, mostly). But then he threw it all away and went to work in the games business. So you can see he's not what you'd call "street smart."

He spent about five years at Turbine, Inc., where he learned many things and had many job titles, including Lead Engineer, Lead Systems Designer, and Producer. Eventually, Turbine shut down the game he had been laboring on for many years, Asheron's Call 2. After that, he ventured west to explore the great state of California.

Since then, he has worked for other game companies including Perpetual Entertainment, and he is currently a freelance game developer. That means his wife pays the bills while he tries to sell some casual games. He is also available for contract work most of the time. He is particularly efficient and experienced at:

Eric also enjoys writing about himself in the third person and creating vanity websites instead of working on those casual games he's supposed to be working on. You can contact him at ericheimburg@heimburg.com.